EN10155 S235 J0W Steel
EN10155 S235 J0W steel plate, under EN 10155 standard, we can regard S235J0W steel plate as Steel Resistant to Atmospherical Corrosion.S235J0W steel plate is one mainly of Steel Resistant to Atmospherical Corrosion, S235J0W steel plate would be used to built containers which can bear low temperature sea water. S235J0W steel plate is a structural steel grade which be used in riveted, bolted, or welded construction ofbridges and buildings.


Product introduction
EN10155 S235 J0W steel plate, under EN 10155 standard, we can regard S235J0W steel plate as Steel Resistant to Atmospherical Corrosion.S235J0W steel plate is one mainly of Steel Resistant to Atmospherical Corrosion, S235J0W steel plate would be used to built containers which can bear low temperature sea water. S235J0W steel plate is a structural steel grade which be used in riveted, bolted, or welded construction ofbridges and buildings.

The specifications:
Thickness: 3mm--150mm
Width: 30mm--4000mm
Length: 1000mm--12000mm

Standard: ASTM EN10025 JIS GB

Technical Data

S235J0W  steel sheet Chemical analysis -% by  mass*

GradesCSi MnPSCuCrNi
maxmaxmax maxmax.maxmaxmax
S235 J0W0.130.40.20-1.660.0350.0350.25-0.550.40-0.800.65

S235J0W  steel sheet Mechanical  properties 
GradesS235 JOW Yield StrengthReH[N/mm2]transv.minTensileStrengthRm[N/mm2]transv FractureElongation[%]transv. min.   Notch ImpactEnergy1)Ch Vcomplete samplelongitud. min [J]
e2) ≤ 16e2)> 16    e2)< 3e2)≥3e2) ≤ 2e2) ≤ 2
  235225360 to 510360 to 51019/17     20/18                        -

EuropaWerkst.-Nr.DEUSSalzgitter FlachstahlFK1)
EN 10025-5

S235J0W1.8958--Allwesta 360A
S235J2W1.8961WTSt 37-3-Allwesta 360 FA
S355J0WP1.8945--Allwesta 510 PB
S355J2WP1.8946-A 242 Type 1Allwesta 510 FPB
S355J0W1.8959-A 588Allwesta 510B
S355J2W1.8965WTSt 52-3-Allwesta 510 FB
S355K2W1.8967--Allwesta 510 F 40B

FK = Festigkeitsklasse, siehe Abmessungen

Chemische Zusammensetzung in Gewichtsprozent [%] (Schmelzenanalyse)


S235J0W1)0,130,400,20 - 0,60max. 0,0350,0350,0092) 3)0,40 - 0,80
S235J2W1)0,130,400,20 - 0,60max. 0,0350,030– 4)0,40 - 0,80
S355J0WP1)0,120,75max. 1,00,06 - 0,150,0350,0093)0,30 - 1,25
S355J2WP1)0,120,75max. 1,00,06 - 0,150,030– 4)0,30 - 1,25
S355J0W1)5)0,160,500,50 - 1,50max. 0,0350,0350,0092) 3)0,40 - 0,80
S355J2W1)5)0,160,500,50 - 1,50max. 0,0300,030– 4)0,40 - 0,80
S355K2W1)5)0,160,500,50 - 1,50max. 0,0300,030– 4)0,40 - 0,80

Die Stähle enthalten 0,25 bis 0,55% Cu und max. 0,65% Ni.
Eine Überschreitung des angegebenen Höchstwertes ist zulässig, wenn je 0,001% N ein um 0,005 % unter dem festgelegten Höchstwert liegender Phosphorgehalt eingehalten wird. Der Stickstoffgehalt beträgt jedoch höchstens 0,012 % in der Schmelzenanalyse.
Der Höchstwert für den Stickstoffgehalt gilt nicht, wenn die Stähle mindestens 0,020 % Altotal oder genügend Gehalte an anderen stickstoffabbindenden Elementen aufweisen.
Die Stähle enthalten mindestens eines der folgenden Elemente: Altotal: ≥ 0,020 %, Nb: 0,015 - 0,060 %, V: 0,02 - 0,12%, Ti: 0,02 - 0,10 %. Wenn diese Elemente in Kombination angewendet werden, ist mindestens eines von ihnen mit dem angegebenen Mindestgehalt enthalten.

Die Stähle dürfen max. 0,30 % Mo und max. 0,15 % Zr enthalten.

Mechanische Eigenschaften1)
SorteProbenlageMin. Streckgrenze2) [MPa]Zugfestigkeit2) [MPa]Min. Bruchdehnung2) [%]

L0 = 80 mmL0 = 5,65 √S0

e ≤ 16e > 16e<3e ≥ 3e≤22< e < 2,52,5 < e < 3e ≥ 3
S235J0Wl/t235225360 - 510360 - 51019/1720/1821/1926/24
S235J2Wl/t235225360 - 510360 - 51019/1720/1821/1926/24
S355J0WPl/t3553)-510 - 6804703) - 6303)16/1417/1518/1622/203)
S355J2WPl/t3553)-510 - 6804703) - 6303)16/1417/1518/1622/203)
S355J0Wl/t355345510 - 680470 - 63016/1417/1518/1622/20
S355J2Wl/t355345510 - 680470 - 63016/1417/1518/1622/20
S355K2Wl/t355345510 - 680470 - 63016/1417/1518/1622/20
Die in der Tabelle angegebenen Werte des Zugversuches gelten für Längsproben (I) außer bei Band und Blech ≥ 600 mm Breite, aus denen Querproben (t) zu entnehmen sind.
e = Nenndicke in mm

S355J0WP und S355J2WP: e 12 ≤ mm

Kerbschlagarbeit im Lieferzustand (Mindestwerte an Charpy-V-Proben)
SorteTemperatur [°C]Kerbschlagarbeit1) [J]

S235J0W 027
S355J0WP 027
S355J0W 027
Mittelwerte aus 3 Proben; ein Einzelwert darf den geforderten Mindestwert um höchstens 30 % unterschreiten. Für Erzeugnisdicken von 6 - 10 mm entspricht die Probenbreite der jeweiligen Erzeugnisdicke, wobei die Prüfung an Charpy-V-ähnlichen Proben erfolgt. Die in der oberen Tabelle angegebenen Werte verringern sich hierbei proportional zur Probenbreite.
Prinzip der Deckschichtbildung

s355jow steel plate Properties
Chemical Properties Of s355jow Steel Plate
GradeCSiMnPSNAddition of
nitrogen binding

Mechanical Properties Of s355jow Steel Plate
GradeMin. Yield Strength Reh MPaTensile Strength Rm MPa
Nominal Thickness (mm)Nominal Thickness (mm)
≤16>16 ≤40>40 ≤63>63 ≤80>80 ≤100>100 ≤150>3>3 ≤100>100 ≤150

Material #EN 10155SEW 087NFA 35-502UNIBS 4360ASTMJIS G3114
1.8961S235J2WWTSt 37-3E 24 W 4Fe 360 DK 1
1.8945S355J0WPE 36 WA 3Fe 510 C1K1WR 50 A
1.8946S355J2WPE 36 WA 4Fe 510 D1K1A 242 Type 1
1.8959S355J0WE 36 WB 3Fe 510 C2K1WR 50 BA 588 – A 242 Gr. 1SMA 50 AW
1.8963S355J2G1WWTSt 52-3Fe 510 D2K1WR 50 CA 588 Gr. Ato
1.8965S355J2G2WSMA 50 CP
1.8966S355K2G1WE 36 WB 4A 709 Gr. 50 W

About us

Founded in 2014, Jiyue Steel Co., Ltd. initially focused on providing high-quality steel for the rapid development of China's infrastructure. Based on the advantages of steel resources and good reputation in the domestic market, combined with the huge demand for steel products in the international market, the company started its international business in 2016 and successfully passed the ISo9001:2008 quality management system certification.

With high quality steel products and professional services, Jiyue has won international praise in infrastructure, shipbuilding, petroleum and other industries, and gradually grew into a shining star in the steel export industry. With the exploration and innovation of the company, gradually formed the advantages of steel plate products, and established its own machining center, in order to meet the diversified requirements of customers.

Packaging & shipping

Packaging and loading:

Packaging: According to customers' needs, use wrapping paper. If the transportation period exceeds 10 days or encounters special climate, we will use waterproof packaging and add plastic film to prevent moisture, water and rust.

Loading: We use the wooden pallet,triangular wood to fix the coil,and the steel wire rope to hold on the both side. That can prevent from the crush injury effectively.


Q1:Accepted delivery terms


Q2:Accepted Payment Types

A2:T/T, L/C

Q3:What is your delivery time ?

A3:8000 tons of inventory guarantee immediate delivery, Non-stock products, delivery within 5-7 days.

Q4:Accepted payment currencies


Q5:What standard steel can you provide?

A5:We can provide various standards, such as: AISI, ASTM, ANSI, ASME, UNS, SAE, DIN, EN, GB, JIS, etc

Q6:How do you guarantee the product quality?

A6:CE, ISO certificate, supporting any third party inspection. A pre-production sample before mass production, final Inspection before shipment.


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